Dr. Prewitt is Co-Author of The Upcoming Book:


STEM Navigators:

Pathways to Achievement in Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics


This book is a compilation of real life STEM success stories from people who have not only been wildly successful in pursuing and obtaining their own Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics degrees, but they have all worked to teach, mentor, and research ways to guide others effectively through obtaining a STEM education.

Some of the Topics covered include:

• STEM Engagement for K-12 Students
○ Successful Programming
○ Successful Interventions

• STEM Undergraduate Retention & Recruitment
○ What Works
○ What Doesn’t Work

• STEM Graduate Student Retention & Recruitment
○ What Works
○ What Doesn’t Work

• STEM Program Success
○ Academic/University Programs
○ Corporate Programs
○ Scholarship/Fellowship Programs
○ Non-Profit Success

• STEM Pipeline: Planning for The Future
○ Thoughts About the Future of STEM
○ Ideas for New STEM engagement Strategies

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